New Fall Apparel at Ashby’s Menswear!

Fall is in full swing and we’re edging up on the holiday season. It’s an exciting time of year with lots of social activities, both professionally and for your personal life. And let’s face it, everything feels a little better when you arrive dressed sharp and confident in your looks. So here’s a preview of all the new items we have in the store! Come grab some updates to your wardrobe, or start your holiday shopping early!

Mr. Bojangles says to make sure you pair some high contrasting colors together this season–like this gray, red, and black combination, shown in two different varieties here.

Sports Coats are completely “in” again this year! The twist this fall is to choose a bright color to wear with either slacks or tailored jeans. Don’t be afraid to also blend a bright shirt with the coat as long as the shirt as some variation of the coat color in it.

Sweaters are back and in a huge variety of vibrant colors! You can dress them up by adding a shirt and tie that blend underneath, or keep them more casual by pairing with an open collared shirt or plan front t-shirt.

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If you’re sensing a trend at this point with bold colors, you’re correct! We have hats galore in the store and in so many bold color options. You will love how sharp this looks when paired with a sweater or a coat that blends well!

We are happy to see the vest trend back this year. We have a great selection of suede vests in colorful as well as neutral options.
Scarves are showing up with as much personality as Happy Socks this fall! Enjoy accenting with some great colors and designs to add some extra flair to your look.

Formal season is upon us! Show up to your holiday party or homecoming with the best in all the new tuxedo trends. Remember our tuxedo special runs all year. Get a tuxedo, shirt, vest, and tie all for $149.99!

We have so many new ties in our store! You’ll be able to thoroughly match all of your pieces and have more options with more ties.

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There are more choices in footwear than we’ve ever had before! Enjoy formal options and casual options. And if you can’t find your size, never fear–we can order it! We’ve also added Giovanni Dress Shoes to our store. They’re all leather, nicely made, and just $99!

We’re always adding new inventory throughout the season, so make sure to stop in and see all that we have to offer in order to help you DRESS SHARP.

Please leave feedback with any questions or comments of your own. We love helping you and love your thoughts! Also be sure to follow our Facebook page as well as check in on our website to stay up-to-date with all that we are doing! Visit our store at 379 Westwood Shopping Center in Fayetteville as well.


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