Footloose and Fancy: Footwear at Ashby’s Menswear

Fall is in the air, and it’s a fun time in the menswear business because we get so many new styles and trends to watch! There’s new colors, new garments incorporated into fashion, and new ways to wear classic items. But one thing that you should keep a classic tie to in all the newness and change in menswear is your footwear. You can make all kinds of fashion statements from subtle to extremely bold, but if you’re not choosy with your shoes, you’ll end up feeling like a fashion dud instead of a sharp dresser! Read on below for some tips on how to make sure your footwear is always on point!


If you’re looking to wear a suit and tie, there are no doubts about it, you need a lace up shoe. You can wear one like this Johnston & Murphy that we currently carry or a wing tip, which is even more formal and adds a pop of style. The only reason it is called a wingtip is that the design on the toe is like a wing.

Wingtip from Stacy Adams. Also in our store now!

It’s important to realize you can also wear a lace up shoe with slacks–it doesn’t always have to be a suit–but if you’re in a suit, choose lace up over loafers or slip on’s. And if you’re going to an interview–no matter what pants you decide to wear–make sure you wear a lace up! You’re showing formality and professionalism with this shoe choice.

All of the shoes in the tiles above are casual. “Even if they are leather?” you may ask.  And the answer is a resounding “Yes”. None of these should be worn with a suit, but should rather be worn with slacks, khakis, linen pants, or jeans. Tassels and slip on’s are in the same category: Casual. Plain and simple.


A new trend for fall is to wear brown shoes with navy suits. We love this look at Ashby’s and can help you match the correct brown with the correct shade of blue.

Colorful footwear is an easy rule as well: you match the color of the shoe to your pant. And with a gray suit, you can choose brown or black. There’s no need for gray shoes unless you find a great pair that you love. Suede shoes always are more casual for khakis or jeans, but are a lot of fun to add to your wardrobe and are very “in” this fall!

Also introducing you to the latest addition to our inventory: Giovanni Dress Shoes. They’re all leather, nicely made, and just $99!

Please leave a comment with any questions or comments of your own. We love helping you and love your feedback! Also be sure to follow our Facebook page as well as check in on our website to stay up-to-date with all that we are doing! Visit our store at 379 Westwood Shopping Center in Fayetteville as well.




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