A June Wedding By Ashby’s

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~Wuthering Heights

Recently we were honored to dress the wedding party for a June wedding. The bride, Allison Fonke, who does our Social Media Marketing, knew that she and her fiancé Scott Blough, wanted a look unique to their personal style. They came in knowing that their theme was a rustic one, as they were getting married under an arbor at the Special Forces Association in Fayetteville. But it was also formal, because the wedding would start at 6:00 pm and would serve a dinner.

Because of this, we decided it was hard to begin until Allison picked her dress. She did so and then brought pictures of what she chose to Ashby Menswear’s owner, Debbie Hanks and Team Member Ariel Fleishman. The ideas began generating at that point, along with a picture Scott found that he liked of a tan suit that we later realized was a tuxedo. Scott wanted a brown suit that he could also wear again, so that negated the idea of tuxedo. Also the fact yes it was formal, but again, rustic. So we began trying on alternate colors in the ivory and gray areas, before it was decided that, indeed, tan was truly what the couple saw as their perfect suit for him and his groomsmen. Though it is a light color, tan is actually a rare color to find in regular suit blends outside of linen and seersucker. We puzzled on it a bit, considered options, and then happened upon a lovely Vinci three piece option for him. Not only did it have a tan base, but it had a bit of depth added to the color with a checked pattern in the fabric.

Scott and groomsmen

Now that we were in business with the groom’s suit, we could move onto his footwear. As soon as Scott saw the two tone brown Johnson & Murphy shoes that we had in stock, he was sold. Allison agreed that it added a bit of The Great Gatsby style, which the couple both loved.

guys with car

The next challenge was the groomsmen: would they wear the same suit or a different shade? It was finally decided to order both groomsmen the same suit that Scott had on, but the distinction of the groom would be that he would match the bride with his accessories, while the groomsmen matched the bridesmaids. All three were dressed in ivory shirts (Damon brand that our store carries) since Allison revealed that her dress was an ivory hue, rather than stark white.

Wedding party

The colors for the wedding were beige, mint, tangerine, and a bold choice called “punch”. We decided to match the groomsmen’s ties and pocket squares to the bridesmaids dress colors. They then accented with the tangerine and mint in the boutineers to tie in the colors that the ring bearer, flower girl, and the dogs wore. Yes, the dogs were in the wedding as well–looking classy and tied in, as you can see from the above picture!

One other distinction we made for the groom versus the rest of the wedding party was that he wore a bow tie, while the rest of the men wore long ties. We matched his ivory blend of paisley tie and matching pocket square to Allison’s dress, and the couple loved this extra detail that allowed for Scott’s personality to shine through in his ensemble.

There was still one important person to dress at this point: Dr. David Fonke, the proud Father of the Bride.

dad and allison bridge

We chose a darker shade of brown for him in this rich, chocolate suit by Joseph Abboud and, as we did with the groom, matched all of his accessories and shirt to the bride’s ivory dress.

dad giving allison away

He also wore an ivory tie with a pattern in it that he chose as a piece that he would like to wear again, and as with the others, the boutineer reflected the rest of the wedding colors.


Overall we absolutely LOVED how this all came together, but what we really loved were the smiling faces of these two when they saw the final products! We wish Allison and Scott all the best that love has to offer! It was an extremely rewarding experience to take care of all the men in this group. It also made us happy to help them dress with class and style and also show off the unique personality of this lovely couple in having the clothing choices fit seamlessly into the theme of the entire day. We are so happy for you both and so happy to be a part of your special day, Mr. and Mrs. Blough!

Also thank you to Anna Fonke Photography for the gorgeous photos of this day and our clothing. Check her out at the above link.

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