Dressing Sharp in Warmer Weather

We always have the classic question when the weather starts to get warmer from men and women alike that goes  something like this: “How are men supposed to dress up and not roast when it gets warmer?” The answer lies in a lot of different options, but there is no reason not to be able to dress sharp and still survive the warmer temperatures. Read on below for our guide to warm weather options that will keep you looking your best!

Option 1: Silk Shirt and Slacks

A great way to be casual and still dress correctly for many warm weather occasions is to choose a flowy and “cool” fabric such as silk. This 100% silk shirt buttons and can be left untucked, which increases the breathability of this apparel on an especially warm day. Just pair with slacks and loafers or depending on the occasion, you can even wear dress sandals. We have this and many different color options. The important thing is to pick the right color that you feel comfortable in, though this cream color is striking and classic for summer.


Option 2: Linen Sports Coats

Linen is so popular in the warmer months because it breathes! It also comes in so many colors that brighten up your wardrobe and allow for blending with different fabrics. One great tip is that if you choose a linen sports coat, it does not mean your entire outfit has to be linen as well. You can pair it will regular slacks and shirts too. You can certainly always wear a linen suit as well with a linen shirt, but even then, you can pair a bright jacket with a light pair of slacks or a dark pair; it’s up to you! You can also dress these up with a tie or again, maximize air flow with leaving your collar open by going without a tie.

Option 3: Linen Sports Coat and Crew Neck


Another way to wear linen is with a crew neck tee underneath. It can be a complimenting color or a something that is bright and blends well with your ensemble. Top it off with a lapel flower for an extra way to dress up any look!

Option 4: Seersucker

IMG_4821 2

Seersucker and linen can dress up just as much as any other suit if paired with the right pieces. This seersucker paired with the lapel flower, pocket square, tie, and matching Johnson & Murphy dress shoes creates a look that will turn heads at your more formal spring and summer events–from weddings to garden parties. We share this to show you that just because it’s seersucker or linen doesn’t mean that it has to casual. There is so much you can do to dress up these fabrics as well.

Option 5: Hats

Hats keep you cool by keeping the sun off of your head, neck, and face–the first places that you tend to get hot. Find a neutral color that will blend with you ensemble and find a hat that feels good on your head. Tip: it’s always better to choose headwear that feels good and that you will wear many times (which may be a pricier option) rather than a cheaper option that you may only wear once. We have so many hats in our store–come try them out, and we will help you find the best fit for you!

As you can see, there are so many options for warm weather that will keep you feeling and looking good! Follow us on Facebook and our webpage for more information and we’ll look to see you in our store in Westwood Shopping Center soon. We’re open from 10 am to 7 pm every Monday through Saturday!

As always, we welcome your questions and comments as you DRESS SHARP.



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