HATS Galore!

Do you remember being a kid and seeing all the hats in a retail store displayed? What was the one thing you wanted to do…..? Try them all on, of course! There’s something about hats that just call to us to try them on. Sometimes they look amazing on, as if they were just MADE for us, and sometimes they can be laughable if you don’t pick the right hat for your personal style or to match the occasion. We are here to help, though. We are prepared to break down the different types of hats and show you all that we have to offer in our store!

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FIRST…you may be asking yourself, “Why hats?” Throw out the idea of headwear being old-fashioned, because they are actually functional. Hats keep you shielded from wind and rain. They also keep your head and face out of the sun, saving you from the damage that the sun can bring. But you have to have the confidence and sense of style to pull it off. If you can’t handle being looked at or drawing attention, don’t wear one, because a man in a hat will always catch peoples’ eyes! However if you’re at ease and enjoy the attention, then hats are definitely for you. Also hats make a person look taller and set off your clothing by either dressing it up or down.

Some things you should look for when selecting a hat are:

  1. Look at the material. Make sure it’s sturdy and well formed so that it doesn’t come apart or shed on you.
  2. Check the size and shape of the hat. If it’s too big for your head it’ll obstruct your view and you’ll wear it clunkily. If it’s too small it’ll just look comical.
  3. Note the quality. A hat that’s made by hand or made of high quality materials will likely be something that you buy because you LOVE it. This means you will most likely wear it frequently. Compare that to buying a hat you “kind of like,” at a discount store. You probably won’t wear it as much or enjoy half as much.


There are a variety. Some are great choices based on your build or style of dress. Some you will only know when you put a specific style or brand’s style on your head. Knowing the different types is a good start to figuring out what you’re looking at and what you like.

  1. Fedora: this is a felt hat with pinched sides and a crease down the crown.fedora
  2. Trilby: characterized by brim that is down and a narrowing at the back.Trilby
  3. Homburg: this is generally called the fedora’s dressier cousin. It’s a more formal look for business and always has a stiff brim. Hornburg
  4. Pork Pie: this is a shorter style with a flattened, wedge-shaped top. Pork pie
  5. Bowler or Derby: sporting a stiff, rounded crown with no creasing or pinching. This is an easy one to spot.


6. Cowboy hat: these are usually quite easy to pick out, but the actual delineation is that they have a double crown. Can be dressed up or down.

cowboy hat

7. Panama hat: created to shield workers from the sun who were digging the famous Panama Canal, these hats are usually straw and sport a wide brim. classic-panama-hat

8. Boater: flat-topped and wide-brimmed and made of straw. These hats are appropriate near water.

Boater hat

9. Top hat: Appropriate for white tie or morning dress only. These are sometimes worn to proms with tuxedos.


top hat


At Ashby’s as we’ve said, we have hats galore! Check out these brands and styles:

Kangol:This great brand makes flat caps, pork pies and shown below, a Mowbray. Initially a beret manufacturer in England, this company quickly found itself in high demand. With every style that Kangol produces comes a story, helping to shape the look and feel of each hat.


Dobbs: A great brand that’s known for classic stylings that can also fit modern day looks. We are the only store in this area that carries this outstanding brand.


Stetson: Top tier in quality when it comes to western and cowboy hats. They’ve been around for more than 150 years for a reason. They have contemporary street and action wear as well, as pictured below.


Tommy Bahama: A well-known brand that embodies fun and free-spirit, but also class.


Bailey of Hollywood: After outfitting the likes of Bing Crosby and Gary Cooper, Bailey became the go-to brand for men’s hat fashion.


As you can see, we love headwear being a part of our business! Just know that hats are here only as supplies last. Follow us on Facebook and our webpage for more information and we’ll look to see you in our store in Westwood Shopping Center soon. We’re open from 10 am to 7 pm every Monday through Saturday!

As always, we welcome your questions and comments as you DRESS SHARP.


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