Menswear Starter Kit

So you’re ready to class up your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve got an event like a wedding or a funeral. Or perhaps you’re finishing up college soon and know that the time is coming to interview and have a professional wardrobe. Whatever the case may be, we know entering this world can be daunting. And beyond that, it can get pricey. So we are here with a tiered approach as to what you should purchase in what order to maximize your wearability and minimize your spending!

  1. The Ashby’s Basics.

For the first menswear shopping trip, we recommend 4 simple items that will expand your wardrobe exponentially if you’re starting from scratch. We recommend a blue blazer, a pair of khaki dress pants, a pair of grey dress slacks and a blue shirt.These would all be pieces that you could wear to a variety of venues or events. These pairings would be appropriate attire for job interviews and business events, as well as church and some less formal social events. The blue shirt can be worn with either pair of slacks and can be worn with the blue blazer with either pairs of pants. You can add a tie or not. We chose one for this first ensemble that will work in a variety of settings, because purple is an extremely versatile color! However if you don’t care for it, you can choose a variety of colors to match this. Believe it or not, there are 24 different combinations that you can make using these pieces of clothing!


2. The First Suit Purchase.

After the basics are acquired, it’s time to consider make the first suit purchase. We recommend a simple black suit. Make sure you get it altered to fit so that it looks tailor-made for you. In addition, this time you will buy a white shirt and four distinct ties. We suggest a sharp tie that incorporates black and white. This is more of an elegant, formal look and would be appropriate for an evening outing or a funeral. Then we also suggest a lighter tie to wear to weddings. For less formal occasions than weddings or funerals, add a tie from the red family. Red is a power color and will compliment this suit immensely. We added the orange as well since spring is around the corner, and this will truly pop with the black and white behind it. And with four ties total in these differing options, you have given one shirt and suit many different options.


3. Completer Pieces.

One trick we love is taking a suit jacket and pairing it with a different set of slacks to change your look. You can take the black suit jacket and pair it with your grey pants for a completely different look that is less formal but still very smart! We recommend including a collarless shirt to dress it down a bit, and instead of a tie, add a pocket square that blends with the shirt. We are confident that this combo with a collared shirt of another color will look fantastic as well, and will be a comfortable ensemble to wear.



So there you have it. Twelve items of clothing total, in order of importance, creating limitless possibilities for your presentation. For more information and for help in choosing the specifics, come to our store located in Westwood Shopping Center in Fayetteville, NC. Also follow us on Facebook at Ashby’s Menswear and on the web.

Please comment, share and ask questions! We welcome your suggestions as always.


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