Holiday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loyal customers! We’re so excited to share all of our new winter inventory with you as you get ready for cold weather and the holidays! Our store is decorated for the Holiday Season and we have TONS of new items.  Our biggest sale items for this season are: suits for $99, sports coats for $79 and selected shirts for $19.99! You can’t beat these prices for the quality that we carry!

Check out some of our new styles and designs:

Select suits priced at $99
Sports coats as low as $79. Many colors and sizes available. Come try one on!
Button-down shirts for $19.99. Tons of colors and sizes!
Scarves, and suit accessories such as pocket squares and lapel flowers are a great gift this holiday season. Also a great way to add some holiday color to your wardrobe!
Hats are an outstanding and versatile option for a gift for that special someone.
Don’t forget that we have sweaters, bow ties and scarves of all colors for all shapes and sizes.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Ashby’s Menswear! We hope you come see us and find what you are looking for not only for your loved ones, but for yourself as well!

For more options for shopping, go to our website at and for daily updates on what’s going on in the store, make sure to follow our Facebook page at: Ashby’s Menswear’s Facebook. Your best option is always to come into our store though: Open 10 am to 7pm Monday-Saturday.

We hope to see you soon!


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