Linen and Seersucker is IN!

Spring and summer are an incredibly fun times for fashion. There are always bold new prints and colors. New footwear enters yearly, and the “it” look for the season that everyone is dying to create. With menswear it’s just as exciting to put together new designs and looks into something that is not only refined but edgy. Then there’s that pesky, little issue Mother Nature ushers in: heat.

Enter two amazing fabrics that  are happy to not only be trendy but also amazingly cooling in nature: linen and his cousin seersucker. Here at Ashby’s Menswear we are offering during the month of May a deal that is hard to pass up: $99 Linen and Seersucker suits!

Linen, derived from the flax plant isn’t necessarily lightweight, but is very breathable and retains it’s color well. Men started wearing linen suits with the advent of the modern suit in the late 19th century because there was no way to stay cool in tweed or flannel. Linen remained a staple in men’s clothing for that reason–just having variations over time in cut and color. This season it’s even fashionable to wear a linen shirt under a linen suit–just make sure to add some color or patten to have a bit of contrast.

Classic linen can be dressed up or down this season!
Classic linen can be dressed up or down this season!

Seersucker finds its roots in the Persian language. The term seersucker derives words referring to the dual tonality of the colors. In fact, “sheer”  means “milk” and “shukkar” means “lesser refined brown cane sugar.” Over time, the word evolved into “seersucker,” and it was first imported to Europe in the 18th century. The fabric is woven in a way that bunches it and frees it from the body, allowing air to flow and cool even the sweatiest of wearers. Popular now in a wide array of colors, back in its infancy it was well known as only blue and white striped looks, like a railroad conductor might wear. In this season, look for seersucker in many colors and cuts. It’s easy, woven fabric makes it also easy to grab because it doesn’t have to be as formally pressed as a typical suit does.

This light seersucker suit is sure to turn heads this season!
This light seersucker suit is sure to turn heads this season!

So drop by our store and see all that we have to offer in linen and seersucker. With this $99 deal for a suit in either fabric, you can’t afford not to be cool this summer!!! Located in Westwood Shopping Center in Fayetteville. Open from 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. Check us out on the web at Ashby’s Menswear.


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